IACT-Africa POPIA & PAIA Compliance Licence Toolkit Download

The IACT-Africa POPI A & PAIA Compliance Licence Toolkit can be downloaded via the links below. The links are for zip files, one for each area.

Please create a set of folders on your computer using the following names before downloading the files:

  1. Initiate
  2. Assess
  3. Consider
  4. Translate

4.1. Contract templates

4.2. Policy templates

4.3. Education and Training items

Folder download links. 

Initiate Tools Folder Zip File  44,4 MB

Assessment Tools Folder Zip File 1,47 MB

Consider Tools Zip Folder File 469 kb

Translate Tools Zip Folder Files:

Contracts Templates  6,16 MB

Policy Templates 2,16 MB

POPI Training items 70,4 MB

Please contact John Cato on johnc@iact-africa.com or 010 500 1038 if you would like assistance with the downloads.

Thank you for your upload